Carl Palmer live at the Molson Canadian Studio – Hamilton, Ontario – June 8, 2016



Carl Palmer_12
Carl Palmer at the Molson Canadian Studio June 8 in Hamilton, Ontario. (PHOTO CREDIT: Paul Barrie)

Carl Palmer
Molson Canadian Studio
Hamilton, Ontario
June 8, 2016

Carl Palmer, of Emerson Lake and Palmer, performed at the Molson Canadian Studio in Hamilton on Wednesday June 8.  This is one of the stops on the 2016 Remembering Keith and the Music of Emerson Lake and Palmer Tour.   The focus and name of the tour changed with passing of Keith Emerson on March 11.

On Wednesday night the drum kit came to town.  Often the drums are the support for singers and guitarists. But not on Wednesday. They were front and centre and for the most part, the music was loud and fast.

The fans came to see and hear Carl and the music of ELP.  They were not disappointed.  The audience knew the music, loved the music and responded to the music, on their feet after each song.  With about 250 in the audience, the studio theater was packed.

A very simple set, drum kit in the middle of the stage, guitar on one side and bass on the other.  A multitude of images played on a screen behind the musicians in accompaniment to the music.  On this stage, the Carl Palmer ELP Legacy Trio set out to re-invent the music of ELP.  They did not disappoint.

For more information on Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy and his other projects, visit his website at

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All photos by Paul Barrie
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