CD REVIEW: Big Wreck – Grace Street

Review by Bobby R Rock of BS Live Rocks

Big Wreck
Album: Grace Street
Released: Feb 3, 2017
Genre: Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock
Label: Anthem, Warner Music

There are bands that have success early on in their careers and will coast on that achievement for years. Then there are very few bands that have success early on and seem to keep writing and producing music that just keeps getting better and better. Ian Thornley has had a healthy solo career in his own right, but seems to be hitting his stride putting out three Big Wreck albums between 2012 and now. Grace Street follows a very strong effort with the CD Ghosts except I found that the new Grace Street release is far more experimental and diverse from track to track.

The CD opens with two punchy and very catchy songs, the latter being the brand new radio friendly song called One Good Piece Of Me, which had me hooked. There is a collection of 13 songs here that gives the listener all kinds of styles musically and does a great job of showing how great a vocalist and guitar player Ian Thornley is (and might I add highly under-rated in Canadian music).

Highlights of this CD include:

  • the groovy tone of You Don’t Even Know
  • a slower tempo and very catchy song called Motionless (my favourite vocally)
  • throwback vintage Big Wreck sounding with Digging In
  • classic Rock vibe of The Receiving End
  • an awesome mix of styles throughout of Flood Gates
  • a very different and experimental song called Skybunk Marche where it shows off just how great the band is musically

A very well rounded CD by Big Wreck with Grace Street makes me very curious to see where they travel to next on their musical journey!

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