Detroit female fronted Punk band Small Stresses coming to Canada

Small Stresses will be playing a few Ontario dates next week. (Photo Submitted)

Next week, be sure to catch Detroit Punk band Small Stresses when they make their way over the border to play a few shows in Ontario.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to connect with some local scenes in Southern Ontario and have a chance to play with current bands in a place so rich with musical history. Additionally, we are looking forward to enjoying nature’s beauty, with a tour of Niagara Falls,” says vocalist Janie de Jeu about their upcoming tour in a recent press release.

Catch Small Stresses:
Friday Oct 13 @ The Geekery Pub – Niagara Falls, ON
Saturday Oct 14 @ Sammy Krenshaw’s – Tillsonburg, ON
Sunday Oct 15 @ Grooves Records – London, ON (Afternoon show – 1p.m.)
Sunday Oct 15 @ Phog Lounge – Windsor, ON

Click here to check out the song Swim by Small Stresses. the song will be a part of the new compilation BLACKTOP RECORDS: “DON’T GIVE UP” 12 YEARS OF D.I.Y. coming out on compact disc on Blacktop Records October 27, 2017


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