Korn live at the House of Blues – Anaheim, California – March 5, 2015

Korn‘s Jonathan Davis at The House of Blues in Anaheim, California March 5, 2017. (Photo Credit: Tammy Greene)

With the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip and the HOB’s at the Disney walk closing, it was uncertain times. Being the Grand Opening of the new House of Blues of Anaheim, Anaheim California this venue has come back to life, incorporating nostalgia from both venues. Murals painted on the walls, pieces and paintings from the HOB’s Hollywood in the Foundation Room, this is a beautiful venue which hosted the first night of Korn’s sold out show on March 5th.

As the photographers entered the photo pit, security gave us some instructions. If they felt we were in any danger we would be escorted out of the pit. My praise to the staff for keeping us and the fans upfront against the barricade safe.

With the curtain closed all you can see is frontman Jonathan Davis’ signature mic stand wrapped up in a blanket front and center. One drum beat with a flash of light behind the curtain, then another as I could feel my heart pound and adrenaline rise with every beat. A hand reaches out from behind the curtain unwrapping the mic stand; the fans cheers erupt. The drum beat and flash of light becomes faster, the curtain opens to see drummer Ray Luzier, rhythm guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer and guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch, bassist Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu and Jonathan Davis representing his Scottish roots wearing a kilt, the energy that rushed off the stage was immense. Opening the show with Right Now off Take a Look in the Mirror album, that’s all it took for the body surfing and moshing to start, following with Here to Stay off Untouchables rounding out the first three songs was Rotting In Vain off their recent release The Serenity of Suffering via Roadrunner Records.

Leaving the photo pit after the first three songs, I’ve worked my way through the packed crowd to enjoy the show while trying to snap a few photos. I hear this beautiful sound of the bagpipes, as Davis appears through the haze of lights to start fan favorite Shoots and Ladders off their self-titled album, adding a snippet of Metallicas One to the end of the song.  As the boys head off the stage, the spotlight is on Ray Luzier whipping up the crowd with his drum solo. Acknowledging the 20th Anniversary of the album Life Is Peachy with two songs, Twist and Good God. Can it get any better? Of course! The Serenity of Suffering album has a guest vocalist Corey Taylor of Slipknot, would we see him? … yes, we would as Taylor joins Davis, Munky, Fieldy, Head and Luzier for A Different World. Davis introduces Taylor stating he has an announcement to make. Stone Sour will be joining Korn for The Serenity of Suffering Summer tour. Thanking the fans closing out the set. I didn’t think it was possible for fans to cheer any louder, proving me wrong, screaming, chanting Korn, pumping the fists in the air.

The cheers blew the roof off as the boys returned to the stage, closing out this phenomenal show with a two-song encore. Falling Away from Me off the album Issues, and Freak on A Leash off Follow the Leader.

Korns recent release The Serenity of Suffering via Roadrunner Records is the twelfth studio album, leaving an abundance of material to choose from. Included in tonight’s set list were three songs off this release, while the remaining songs were off seven albums, all hitting the Billboard 200. The self-titled album Korn, Life is Peachy, Follow the Leader, Issues, Untouchables, Take a Look in the Mirror and See You on the Other Side. Perfect set list.

Not having support from television or radio broadcast the first four years of existence, due to the content of their music they built a huge loyal fan base. This was very evident with all the Korn t-shirts and tattoos the fans were displaying.

I’m not sure how I could compliment this show any more. Go to their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for the tour dates, attend a show you’ll understand what I’m trying to say. They kicked butt!!

Set List:
Right Now
Here To Stay
Rotting in Vain
Coming Undone with a snippet of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’
Y’all Want a Single
Make Me Bad
Shoots and Ladders with a snippet of Metallica’s ‘One’ at the end.
Drum Solo
Good God
A Different World with Corey Taylor

Falling Away From Me
Freak On A Leash

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All photos by Tammy Greene
©2017. Please DO NOT copy or use without permission.




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