Serving up a tall order of country music with Brittany Brodie

Brittany Brodie. PHOTO CREDIT: MissyJoy Photography

Brittany Brodie is an up-and-coming country singer from Ontario who recently released her second single, Phoenix – an anti-bullying power ballad co-written with Regie Hamm (Kenny Loggins, David Cook, Clay Aiken, Bob Carlisle, Maxi Priest) and features Gordon Mote.

Brodie’s interest in music began at an early age. Now at age 30, she continues to write and record music with the hopes of furthering her career and eventually releasing her debut album.

If Brodie continues to follow her passion, it won’t be long before we see a lot more from this rising country star with the powerful voice. Already, Brodie is getting lots of attention. In September she attended her first CCMA’s out east where she made many new friends and contacts. Brodie was also nominated in the Best Country category at the Toronto Independent Music Awards which was held October 23.

Aside from music, Brodie also dabbles in modelling. At six foot one Brodie is known as one of the tallest people in music.  She currently models for Long Tall Sally.

I recently caught up with Brittany Brodie to find out more about her, her music and much more!

Joel – Thank you for taking the time for this interview. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I would like to start out by getting to know you a bit more. Where are you from?

Brittany – Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it. I’m from a rural community, small town known as Mount Forest. For those not familiar it’s an hour north of Guelph straight up Highway 6.

Joel – How old are you and when did you get into music?

Brittany – Well how dare you ask a lady her age! Haha! I just turned 30 October 16th. I’m extremely proud to be 30 and lucky to have been here for this milestone. Birthdays to me are so special. I lost a lot of friends and family way too young. You should celebrate life. I loved music from a baby, as most of us do. I “got into music” when I was 3 years old after watching the Opry with my parents and sitting on my Daddy’s knee. I said I was going to do that someday. I was performing in front of large audiences between 7 and 8 years of age.

Joel – So you knew from an early age you wanted to be a country singer?

Brittany Brodie. PHOTO CREDIT: MissyJoy Photography

Brittany – Yes. You know, I look at my nieces and nephew, they are so little all under the age of 5 and I think how did I know at such a young age? They are just so small and have the world ahead of them. But I knew when I was that small. I believe we are born with special gifts and sometimes you know right away and sometimes it’s later in life. I was drawn to music as a baby and I just knew that was it. Just like you know to eat food so you’re not hungry. I knew I was to do this. I just have always known. It’s in my DNA!

Joel – Do you come from a musical background? Is anyone else in your family in the music business in any capacity?

Brittany – I come from a family who loves music. It has to start somewhere and it started with me. My parents always had music on, I learnt so much about Country music history from my Daddy. He would listen to the Grand Ole Opry at home on the farm as a kid and dreamt of going there. He said he wished always he could sing like that, and then he had me. My Daddy and I went to the Grand Ole Opry when I was 18 together. There are no words. My parents are not in the music business. They love to help promote me. My Daddy is a truck driver so he spreads the word at truck stops all over the U.S.A and Canada.

Joel – Who are some of your influences? Who do you listen to and look up to?

Brittany – Bobby Bare, Hank Williams, Dottie West, Johnny Horton, Dixie Chicks, The Spice Girls, Elton John, Adele. There are SO many. It’s literally impossible for me to list them all!

Joel – You recently released your single Phoenix, a song you co-wrote with Regie Hamm and features Gordon Mote. How did you hook up with them?

Brittany – Well let me tell you. Bucket list moments. I’m so blessed to now call them friends. My producer Dave Bechtel, who is absolutely incredible and such a musical brain, he suggested Regie to me for a writing session. I sent a few e-mails to Regie before I heard from him, I was so thankful he thought that much of my talent to work with me. Gordon, wow. Again, mind blown by the talent. I have watched him for years on televison and known of his work. He is also a friend of my producer’s and he put us in touch. I have dreamt of these exact things happening. It goes to show you, if you believe, it will happen. I have always believed in the power of my dreams.

Joel – What can you tell me about Phoenix? What is it about?

Brittany – Phoenix is a power ballad anthem. When Regie and I got together for our session we touched on how I was bullied for many, many years all through school. Phoenix was born from what we were feeling in the moment. It was a hard and dark place to go to. I wanted to talk about it. I was sitting down with someone who understood as he had bullying experiences as well. Music is incredibly powerful and healing. This had to be said. It seemed to flow so easily. Phoenix is an anti-bullying anthem. It’s been a go to song for many people for various things they are experiencing. I have received messages from people with different stories and how it’s helped them. I wish I had this song when I was growing up. This has been therapy for me. You know it doesn’t stop at any age but we can “rise above it all.”

Joel – Phoenix is the follow-up to the single Together Never Alone. When did that come out?

Brittany Brodie. PHOTO CREDIT: MissyJoy Photography

Brittany – Together Never Alone I co-wrote with Don Gallardo, so talented and lucky to call him a friend. I released that song this past summer. We wrote it after talking about our parents and it’s based on my parents story and my Daddy being a truck driver. We all know there are millions of families who can relate to this.

Joel – Do you write a lot? Are you working on an album? If so, what can you tell me about that? Who are you working with for that?

Brittany – I do write a lot. Every single day. It’s very therapeutic. I’m going to keep releasing singles for now. As an Independent artist comes many expenses from my pocket and my pockets aren’t endless so I will try and do what I feel is best at the time and for now I’m going to hold off on a full length album. With that said. Anyone that has a money tree, feel free to drop it off at my house!

Joel – In September you were part of the CCMA’s out east. That was your first time there. How did that go?

Brittany – The CCMA’S were absolutely beautiful. I felt more than ever how the music community is a family. It was so busy and wonderful. It was my first of many, I already have the 2016 CCMA’S on lockdown. It’s a must do if you have any part in the Canadian Country Music scene.

Joel – What were you able to bring back with you as a country artist that you didn’t have before?

Brittany – More drive, I already had so much of that but you can’t help but be more inspired and want to up your game that much more. Also new relationships, I’m very lucky.

Joel – Did you make a lot of contacts/meet a lot of people?

Brittany – Absolutely! I met so many new people and saw a lot of people I had not seen in awhile. I made new friendships and have been in touch quite a bit since September. Fellow artists, musicians and radio – to name a few – and one of my taxi drivers and his wife. Lovely people in Halifax, NS.

Joel – You were also nominated in the Best Country category at the Toronto Independent Music Awards (TIMA’s) which was held last month on October 23. How did that go? Who were you up against?

Brittany – It was great! I was so honored to be nominated. I was in some excellent company and to speak of one, also the winner that evening was Leah Daniels. She had some cool things happening during the CCMA’S so it’s nice to have been included in the category.

Joel – What other highlights have you had as a country artist?

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Brittany Brodie. PHOTO CREDIT: MissyJoy Photography

Brittany – This past summer I teamed up with the worldwide known clothing company called Long Tall Sally. I have been doing some modelling in their gorgeous clothing. As I’m 6″1 it has always been my go to store. I also have been getting a lot of radio dj’s mentioning how I’m the tallest woman in country music and possibly all genres of music. That makes me incredibly happy. So everyone has a “thing” – a trait, if you will. I suppose this is mine. I will take it. Proudly.

Joel – Any plans to tour?

Brittany – I have quite a few dates in the works for 2016, nothing I can mention at this time. I would of course love to tour and I hope that can happen soon. I would love some more support along side of me and for them to hop on board and help make more dreams come true. Just need that next level to take notice.

Joel – Who would be your dream artist to tour with if you could tour with anyone?

Brittany – That’s a loaded question. Again there are SO many I cannot possibly name them all. Okay I will pick Little Big Town and George Strait. Can I have Elton John too?!

Joel – Is there anything else you would like to add or plug?

Brittany – Absolutely, thanks for asking. I would like a label and management. I have worked at this all my life and I’m so thankful and only want to work harder and harder. I’m waiting for you! Also, please follow me on my social media. I would love to hear from each of you out there! And go on iTunes and buy Phoenix and tell the world!!

Joel – Thank you for your time! Looking forward to hearing more from you! Best of luck to you Brittany!

Listen to Together Never Alone here.

Listen to Phoenix here.

Connect with Brittany Brodie online: (Website)  (Facebook)  (Twitter)  (Instagram)



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