“The Vollmers” – Brian and Lynda kick off their reality show debut

brian and lynda cuba med
Lynda and Brian Vollmer in Cuba.

(London, ON) – Helix frontman Brian Vollmer and his lovely wife Lynda, have invited their faithful fans to take a glimpse into their private life. “The Vollmers”, a reality based video was released on YouTube on May 4th 2015. Their first episode is called “Brian and Lynda go to Cuba”. It’s a crude, slightly primitive recording , with simple editing. But don’t let that dissuade you from checking it out. The story, which is their reality, is strong enough to overlook the hand held video. It’s not like your relatives vacation videos, it has substance and many funny little scenes. If you are not familiar with Linda, she’s a firecracker and will win you over. The video starts off at Planet Helix, the home of Brian and Lynda. A recent snow fall has left them with the winter blues. Linda is on edge with Brian’s inability to properly tear the “cling film” or “saran wrap” as we know it. A long time friend of the family comes by and assumes the house sitting responsibilities, including taking care of their beloved cat Atomic. Post it notes are strewn throughout their house as little reminders of what needs to be done. They drive off to the airport and realize they have to backtrack. Something important goes missing. Fast forward to them on the plane, with images of Lynda in a relaxed, less stressed state of mind with a glass of vino. Their trip is underway. On arrival to their destination, images are shown of their lodging and the scenic views, all narrated by Brian. The rest of the video encompasses their day trips, scenes from the beach and the entertainment. An 80’s cover band plays and Brian steps up to sing “Sharp Dressed Man”, and “Sweet Home Alabama”. Concluding their trip, they return home to see that a reminder post it note was ignored. Snow is still piled high and Lynda is still annoyed at the “cling film” debacle. Life resumes. The end of the reality show spawns a 7 question quiz. Answer them and you will be entered in a draw to win $100.00 courtesy of the Vollmers. Brian announced that their 2nd episode will be called “Brian and Lynda go to Florida”.  The release date of that episode is still to be determined. In conclusion, this 25 minute reality show was entertaining and had me chuckling a few times. I will be looking out for their next venture. To view their inaugural video, please visit Brian and Lynda Go To Cuba. To follow their future adventures, head on over to YouTube, subscribe to their channel, user name HelixRockBand.



  1. Just watched the Trip to Cuba etc. Brian, I first met your Mrs. over 35 years ago Mate – went out with her house Mate. After watching this ‘Highly Entertaining’ Tropical Excursion, her Kitchen Etiquette, and Snowbound Antics, I’m pleased to see – and to be able to say – she ain’t changed a bit!!! ‘YEAH’….. Go Linda, those wonderful Dulcid tones, that slightly confused look as something you say goes whizzing over head Lol. Love her to bits, and after watching that, love to meet you sometime Mate. Love the understated humour. Lol Tale care, Luv to you both, Ray……

    1. Dear Ray,
      Thanks for the kind comments. Yes, my wife is one of a kind and I love her more than life. I was very lucky to have found her and we’re very happy together.

      Lynda tells me you played for Frankie Miller. LOVE his stuff. One of the most underated artists EVER. Love his voice and would feel privileged to someday meet him. The next time you see him would you please tell him that he has a huge fan in Canada. I only wish I had half the voice.


  2. I watched it a couple days ago – very entertaining.
    I met Brian a few years ago and he’s a super nice guy. Showed my husband that even rock stars have to clear snow, LOL
    Note to Linda – no man on earth knows how to property work cling film!

    1. Dear Kim,
      Thanks for watching. Don’t mind clearing snow or whatever it takes to keep things running around here. Stay tuned for Episode 2.

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