June 15, 2015 – Poynte


Poynte is a metal band from Atlanta, Georgia comprising of musicians who take pride in lyrical content and musical movement. With every single note planned to support the emotion of the songs, Poynte delivers on its uncompromising vision. From syncopated drum and bass lines to the layers of guitars that support the vocal melodies. Poynte is certainly a well oiled machine that leaves audiences of all ages captivated and wanting more. This band’s vision seems very clear. That is, to write heartfelt music while retaining their commercial viability. Through relentless pursuit, the soldified lineup has finally been carved into stone.

Poynte is:

Kenny Hathorne – Vocals

Matt Bryant – Guitars

Brett Davis – Guitar/vocals

Jake O’Donnell – Bass

Josh Fulcher – Drums

Some of this band’s accomplishments include winning the 2012 Erie Ball Battle of the Bands which earned them a spot on the ROCKSTAR Uproar Festival  in Atlanta. This band has shared the stage with such acts as Shinedown, Godsmack, Papa Roach, Fuel, All That Remains and many other great acts.

Connect with Poynte online: (Website)  (Facebook)  (Twitter)  (Instagram)  (iTunes)  (Bandcamp)  (YouTube)

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