June 29, 2015 – The Modern Hearts

The Modern Hearts

Winners of Big Music Fest’s Breaking Bands competition in July 2014, The Modern Hearts have nowhere to go but up from here. These four young gentlemen from Toronto beat out 1600 bands from across Canada to claim the top spot and have been garnering national attention ever since.

The release of Into the Wild, their first full length self-released and self-recorded album in January of 2014, showed just what The Modern Hearts are capable of musically. The album was produced and mixed by Juno Award winning producer Dan Brodbeck and has become the stepping stone of their career in the music industry.

If 2014 is a record of where The Modern Hearts began, then 2015 is a clear picture of where they’re headed. Working again with the incredible Brodbeck, their sophomore album is already in production, beginning with the new single “Want You So Bad” which is destined to be a smash hit this summer. Performing all new material from their upcoming album at Canadian Music Week 2015, the group drew a sold out crowd and proved just how far they have come in only a year’s time.

This July they take the stage at Big Music Fest again, this time with their very own main-stage slot alongside the likes of Jane’s Addiction, Soundgarden, Monster Truck, Big Sugar and rock legends Blondie and Rod Stewart. With a host of new songs ready for the studio, a cross country tour in the works for late summer, and the drive and passion to meet every obstacle head-on, The Modern Hearts is definitely the band to keep your eyes on.

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