Spike Porteous

Who am I:

I am a music photographer, originally from Scotland.  I relocated to Germany mid 2014.  Why?  It’s a fantastic place to live and it’s slap bang in the middle of Europe, so why not!!!  Besides it’s wet in Scotland……

I cut my photographic teeth many moons ago shooting sports events on Scotland’s west coast.  A chance opportunity to cover a music festival saw a rapid subject change.

I was recently appointed as house photographer for a music promotion company in Germany,  I also contribute to the music media across the globe, the Getty images group and various news organizations.

Who are my photographic influences:

My 2 biggest influences would have to be music Danny Clinch and the fantastically creative Ashley Baxter from back home.  I’m not a fashion photographer but I love listening to David Bailey talking about his career.  He got to where he is through self belief, being creative and breaking the rules.

What do I do:

My subject of choice is live music.   I love the spontaneity of it, the quick changing light conditions, the volume, the crowd, the whole atmosphere of a concert. I have shot many internationally acclaimed artists,  which is a great thrill, but I also like to shoot less well known artists and smaller venues.  I know what it is like to be looking for ‘that’ break so I like to help where I can.  I have had a few careers  but photography is my first love and being allowed to combine it with my passion for music makes this the best job in the world!

Contact Spike:

Website: www.smp-photographs.com
Email: mailto: smp.photos@porteous.info
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smpphotographs
Twitter: @smp_Photographs

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