Sue Sadzak

Assistant Editor / Writer / Photographer

My love for photography started when I was a teenager attending concerts with my Kodak disk camera. I would wait outside the venue from early morning, hoping to rush the stage and get front row. It was so different back then, taking pictures and sending them out to be developed with major anticipation of what the photos would look like, and how you had to conserve your film for that “just in case moment”. After high school I moved to the big city Toronto from my little home town of Moncton N.B to pursue my own music career. I was a drummer and thought I would play forever, tour and live the dream. Then reality hit me like a ton of bricks… I had to pay my own way and then ensued being a responsible adult. Working at a minimum wage job, taking as many hours as I could just to pay all my bills. Music and photography went by the wayside.

Fast forward many years later, (2009) I met a wonderful lady named Paula Lirette. She is an established photographer from the east coast. Her images revived my interest in photography. Although I was a little apprehensive about having to learn a DSLR. I decided that it was something I was willing to spend time learning and from then watched nearly every video know to man kind on Youtube regarding the topic. I regained that “creative eye” where I would look at things differently and see the beauty that most people would walk by and not realize was there. Like most photographers I started with the flowers and birds. (Who hasn’t lol) , progressed to street photography and then worked my way up to models and studio work. Throughout this time I became interested in photographing musicians, I liked their vibe. I joined a photography field trip hosted by Paula. It was called “day in a limo with a Rock Star”. There were contest throughout the event, including having your image used by the artist for his new upcoming CD launch and for promo use. I had my eye on that prize. And I pulled off the winning image. Stephen Leblanc “Rain” has been published in advertisements, promos, as well as newspapers. This gave me the boost I needed to pursue other musicians. I answered an add looking for a photographer to photograph an international band and got the gig with BlackStar Whiskey, which in tern garnished me the cover of a Florida based music magazine called Tampa Bay Mayhem Magazine. Recently several of my images of a Glass Tiger show were used in a community publication in East Gwillimbury called The Bulletin.

I have always been great with natural light photography, but low light, red flashing madness really threw me for a loop. I thought I was prepare with all my studying of the topic, but I was dead wrong. My first experience I am not particularly proud of the results. But with practice, saw that I could do it and have great results. I wanted to tweak my abilities so I sought out the great music and concert photographer Igor Vidyashev. He gave me confidence in my abilities, and provided me with the tools and knowledge to move forward.  For that I will truly be forever grateful! Because for me “good isn’t good enough”. A philosophy we both share.

Thanks for looking and following my work! Please feel free to visit my website or contact me at anytime.

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