Dave Hodges

Springhill native David Hodges has been taking photos all his life. His career began with shooting rolls of film with his Brownie camera. After being asked to photograph an event called “the biggest little party” – a back-to-school rave featuring local bands, he found his true calling as a musicians’ photographer.

From that moment on he was hooked. For David, the technical challenge combined with the rush of energy he feels as he captures the soul of the musicians in a photograph continues to inspire him to this day.

“You get to meet great people. If I could, I would surround myself with them all of the time.”

Deeply inspired by the artists and bands with whom he works, David’s dream is to someday go on tour with a mainstream act.

“Their live performances allow me the unique opportunity to photograph them
doing what they love to do. It lets me capture that moment in time where they expose their very soul to the world.

“The journalist part of combining words with photos is new to me, but I am looking forward to the challenge.”

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