Metric and Death Cab for Cutie live at the Meridian Centre – March 22, 2016

Metric performs at the Meridian Centre in St. Catharines
Emily Haines from Metric performs at the Meridian Centre in St. Catharines

(St. Catharines, ON) – Pagans in Vegas is the latest album released from the Toronto based band Metric. This alternative rock / synth pop band have been on the scene for 18 years, and have six studio albums within their roster. Winners of five Juno awards and four Casby awards, this band has made a mark on the Canadian landscape.

Metric along with direct support Death Cab for Cutie performed at the Meridian Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario to a nearly full house. The crowd comprised of mostly 30-50 year olds. Most pretty laid back with the exception of a few who would stand at their seats and dance.

The stage set up had four synthesizers, one flanking each side of the stage where the guitarist James Shaw and bassist Joshua Winstead stood and two center stage for front woman Emily Haines. Behind her on a drum riser sat Joules Scott-Key. The lighting for the performance was rather intense, with lots of ongoing flashing and laser lights. At first it didn’t really bother me much, but as I was sitting for the review I found myself feeling like I was going to be ill. Not a sick to my stomach or headache, just a really off feeling that suddenly came out of no where. Turning my head away from the assault of flashing lasers, the feeling went away.  At one point Emily wore a sheer cape and stood in front of a fan while a green florescent light hit it making for a really cool effect.

Emily Haines, when not playing her synth put on an energetic performance, running around from side to side, almost reminiscent of an aerobic workout. Even though she was bouncing around she was easily able to maintain her distinct vocals without compromising the authenticity of her brand. Not only can she sing and play keyboards, but also pulled out a guitar and played rhythm.

Stage right had bassist Joshua, dancing and being a showman, while stage left with guitarist James Shaw I felt like it took him awhile to get into a groove. Not musically, more so his stage presence. Towards the end of the show he performed a guitar solo and at that point was totally into his own. Commanding the attention deserved.

Midway through their set for the song Dreams So Real the St. Patricks Choir joined the band on stage. This seems to be a popular trend with bands. I would say it was probably the sixth band I’ve seen do that within the last year. Towards the end of the song Emily pulled a girl from the choir to sing a tiny solo. Emily hugged her in appreciation and the choir left the stage. At this point samples guitars where heard as the band changed instruments and the stage cleared.

Closing the evening they performed their popular hit Breathing Underwater. As much as the crowd was pretty laid back throughout the entire evening, this song perked their yells and appreciation, ending the evening on a high note.

Set list:

1. IOU
2. Help I’m Alive
3. Youth Without Youth
4. Twilight Galaxy
5. Cascades
6. Too Bad So Sad
7. Artificial Nocturne
8. Dreams So Real (Choir)
9. Sick Muse
10. Collect Call
11. Other Side
12. Black Sheep
13. Synthetica
14. Gold Guns Girls
15. The Shade
16. Celebrate
17. Gimme Sympathy
18. Breathing Underwater


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