Multi Platinum/Grammy Nominee and Producer Spec Turner, the KARDIFFgiant, Releases New Single April 15!

Pic of Kardiff(Atlanta, GA) – Producer, DJ, promoter and musician Lloyd “Spec” Turner is set to release his new single mid-April. In the music business for over 20 years, Turner was in the Atlanta-based R&B group Basic Black, a band signed to Motown Records in 1990 and whose hits included Nothing But A Party, Whatever It Takes and She’s Mine.

While in Basic Black, Turner began producing music and over the years he has produced such artists as Whitney Houston, Snoop Dogg, Fergi, Ozzy Osbourne and Missy Elliot   just to name a few! His production work earned him multi Grammy Award nominations.

Turner recently finished work on a new single from his KARDIFFgiant project which will be out on April 15.

Music Life Magazine caught up with Turner to learn more about him, his work and new single.

JOEL – Thanks for taking this time to speak with me. Before we get into your new single, I want to get to know you a bit more. You’ve been in the music business for over 20 years, both as a an artist and as a producer. When did you begin your music career and what, or who, got you into it?

SPEC TURNER – I began my career in high school. I got into music because I wanted to get out of my home town. So, I formed a group with a few friends and began doing covers at different venues. We met Teddy Riley’s manager while performing as an opening act for Guy and Today while they were performing in our home town. The rest is history.

JOEL – In 1990 you were in the R&B group Basic Black and had some success with that. Did you guys disband because of other projects?

SPEC TURNER – Yes, we decided to work on other projects, we began working on our production careers. We’ve kept in contact over the years and we’re in talks of doing a new project. Stay tuned!

JOEL – When did you start working as a producer and who was “your first”?

SPEC TURNER – Basic Black was “my first”!  I produced She’s Mine, Nothing But A Party, Baby Can We Talk and Whatever It Takes.  I then went on to produce for Raheem da Dream, Kilo and signed D.A.R.P. and later SoSo Def.

JOEL – You produced some big names in music. Does anyone stand out in your mind? Who did you enjoy working with?

SPEC TURNER – Whitney Houston, she’s one artist I had always dreamed of working with and it was definitely an honor to work with her.  Being in the same room with a legend and hearing her speak of President Clinton and Nelson Mandela as friends was inspirational. I also enjoyed working with Missy Elliot because of her creativity. She pushed me to hone in on my craft and think outside the box, she’s really a great person to work with.

JOEL – You have been nominated for multi Grammy Awards with your production work. How many have you been nominated for and with who?

SPEC TURNER – I’ve been nominated for 2 Grammy Awards, both were with the wonderful Whitney Houston.

JOEL – Is there anyone you are going to produce in the near future that you can tell me about?

SPEC TURNER – Yes, I’m working on a single for Ice Prince which you’ll probably be able hear very soon. I’m also working with a couple of other international artists but you’ll have to stay tuned for that!

JOEL – Who would you like to produce or work with and haven’t yet?Kardiff

SPEC TURNER – I would like to produce for Beyonce and Taylor Swift.  I would also like to collaborate with Prince, Kanye, Timbaland and Skrillex on a few tracks.

JOEL – Your new single is coming out on April 15. What is the new single called and what can you tell me about it?

SPEC TURNER – The new single is Shots of Tequila, from the upcoming KARDIFgiant project. The track has an island flare and is a great dance tune.  If you are into Raggae, Soca or Dancehall you’re going to love this track.

JOEL – Who worked with you on it or was it something you did yourself as far as writing and producing?

SPEC TURNER – The track is a collaboration with SpecTurnerMusicEntertainment and OneRoot with producer Chris Williams who lives in Korea. We worked around the clock using different technology such as TeamViewer to put together basically what we’re calling an international hit. We have a Nigerian artist, a Liberian artist and American artist. We’re working world wide!

JOEL – How would you describe your single or music to someone who’s never heard you before?

SPEC TURNER – I can’t say my music has a specific sound, as a producer I create a variety of sounds. So for someone who’s never heard it before I would say there’s something available to for you.

JOEL – Do you have any other singles coming out? If so, when can we expect them?

SPEC TURNER – Yes, I have 2 singles coming from the KARDIFFgiant project, you can expect those this summer. I also have 2 singles coming from another artist and the release date is TBD by their label.

JOEL – Where can fans find your new single?

SPEC TURNER – My new single, Shots of Tequila, will be available on all major digital outlets around the world.

JOEL – Is there anything else you would like to add or plug?

SPEC TURNER – This year is going to be a big year for SpecTurnerMusicEntertainment, LLC. Be on the lookout for my artist, D.Lyn the Eclectic, Sheri Debris, Souljah 100 and Chase Deepspace. I’d also like to invite everyone to tune in to my weekly radio show “The Future of R&B Entertainment” every Thursday at 1pm EST and  Saturday at 8pm EST on and of course stop by and visit us at I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share this journey with your audience.

JOEL – Thank you for your time! All the best with your new single and everything else!

To learn more about Spec Turner you can check him out online:






  1. Hey Lloyd it’s great to hear of your upcoming hit! Been along time and I look forward to checking out the trac! I’m sure it’s gonna be a success!

  2. I am so proud of Spec he continue to stay focus and his goals are coming true. I really enjoyed the article and I am looking forward to purchasing the single. Keep up the good work Spec and don’t forget to help someone that is looking to make it.

  3. What’s up Spec?!!! Its great to see/ hear you doing big things. Also you have a nice family. You take care old friend. Hey, see if you can open up another Top Hat in Columbus, ,,, I MISS THAT CHICKEN!! Lol

  4. Congratulation & thanks Spec for all the hard work you & Chris has endured to make this one a successful event of I’m because we are Shots of Tequila!!!!

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