Overkill with Nile live at City National Grove of Anaheim – Anaheim, California – February 25, 2017

Overkill frontman Bobby Blitz at City National Grove of Anaheim in Anaheim, California Feb. 25. (Photo Credit: Tammy Greene)

Overkill has been the most successful thrash metal band based out of New Jersey for close to three decades. Touring their recent release The Grinding Wheel via Nuclear Blast Records, took control over the City National Grove of Anaheim in Anaheim, California on February 25.

Not being familiar with headliners Overkill, I’ve only listened to their recent release The Grinding Wheel, it sparked my interest.  I was impressed.  Drummer Ron Lipnicki, guitarist Dave Linsk, rhythm guitarist Derek Tailer and bassist D.D. Verni took the stage opening with Mean Green Killing Machine off the recent release, as frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth rushed out on stage to the fans cheers.  Following with Rotten to the Core, off Feel The Fire, rounding out the first three songs with Electric Rattlesnake off The Electric Age.

Bobby Blitz is a seasoned veteran knows how to work the audience. I’m always impressed when the frontman has a great sense of humor, as Bobby Blitz states he’s not trying to start anything, well you know where that’s going. Overkill, being in San Francisco the night before, Blitz goes on saying San Francisco states Anaheim doesn’t have what it takes. The roar of the fans proved otherwise. Blitz’s stage presents, vocals, energy and facial expressions is infectious. Probably the best line of the night was “We’ll shove so much metal down your throat that you will be shitting roofing nails for two weeks”…. Classic!!

Bassist D.D. Verni, guitarist Dave Lipnicki and rhythm guitarist Derek Tailer not only are phenomenal musicians, having constant interacting with the fans with their smiles, stares and points, keeping the mosh pit and crowd surfing in full force. Their new release may be called The Grinding Wheel, but Overkill is a well-oiled machine.

Eighteen albums released there was a wealth of song to make this set list. Including Hello from the Gutter off Under The Influence, Nice Day… For A Funeral and Infectious off Horrorscope, Hammerhead off Feel the Fire, Armorist off White Devil Armory and Ironbound off the self-titled album to name a few. One of the biggest surprises of the set was the cover of Thin Lizzy’s Emerald played to perfection, I’m sure it hit the hearts of the fans.  After a brief break, the boys took the stage for a two-song encore, Elimination off The Years of Decay and ending this great ninety-minute show with Overkills anthem Fuck You, leaving the fans wanting more. I had a great time.

Visit Overkill’s Facebook page or website for the remaining tour dates: www.wreckingcrew.com

Opening for the headliners was the technical death metal band Nile based out of Greenville, South Carolina, under the Nuclear Blast record label.  Their lyrics and music are inspired by the Ancient Egyptian, Near Eastern mysticism, history, religion, ancient art and the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Founder guitar/vocals Karl Sanders, bass/vocals Brad Parris, guitar/vocals Brian Kingsland share the lead vocal duties, all with that deep growl tone, time keeper George Kollias tucks in behind his drums. The energy, speed, head thrashing hair flying was in full force. Nile seemed to be a great fit warming up the fans for the headliner Overkill.

Catch one of their shows on The Grinding Wheel tour, you won’t be disappointed.

Connect with Overkill online: Website Facebook Twitter
Connect with Nile online: Website Facebook Twitter

Nile Set List:
Sacrifice Unto Sebek
Defiling the Gates of Ishtar
Hittite Dung Incantation
The Fiends Who Come to Steel the Magick of the Deceased
In the Name of Amun
Black Seeds of Vengeance

Overkill Set List:
Mean Green Killing Machine
Rotten to the Core
Electric Rattlesnake
Hello from the Gutter
Goddamn Trouble
Feel the Fire
Nice Day… for a Funeral
Our Finest Hour
Emerald (Thin Lizzy cover)

Fuck You

All photos by Tammy Greene
©2017. Please DO NOT copy or use without permission.




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